Beatrice Ridley's passion for art started as a schoolgirl in France when she first began painting. She then moved to the UK for her studies and in 1998 became a litigation lawyer in London. For more than 10 years, she worked all over the world for two of the top firms, but in 2009, Beatrice took the radical decision to change careers and return to the world of art.

Entirely self-taught, Beatrice credits her artistic flair to her family background. Granddaughter of Scottish artist William Geissler and Alison Geissler MBE, Beatrice's work is unconstrained by formal training. Her paintings give life to her love of nature and observation of the intricate design in the world around her. She works in oil, acrylic, resin and mixed media and covers a whole range of subjects from landscapes to wild animals.

In 2011, she started the Pepper Gallery, where she is honoured to represent hundreds of outstanding artists. She has also been increasingly asked to advise on art, helping clients to build corporate and private collections within the wider remit of the contemporary art world She divides her time three ways, between art advice, Pepper Gallery, and when she can, her painting.
“Beatrice Ridley is garnering extraordinary reviews about her work but you only need your own eyes to tell you what beautiful work it is”. Stephen Fry

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Red Magazine May 2012

The Epoch Times 13-19 June 2012



“Serendipity”, Pepper Gallery, London
Animal Art Fair, London
“Evolution”, Pepper Gallery, London
Art for Youth, Royal College of Art, London
Art London, Arthur Ackermann, London
Bloomsbury Art Fair, Arthur Ackermann, London
Animal Art Fair, London
Solo Show, Mayfair, London
Solo Show, Lennox Gallery, London


Murmuration, 3 panels 80 x 30 cms, Murmuration, 3 panels 80 x 30 cms, Mixed media Surprise arrival, Oil, 40x30", SOLDSurprise arrival, Oil, 40x30", SOLD Sitting Pretty, Oil,Sitting Pretty, Oil, 100 x 100 cm Brothers,Brothers, 30x40", Oil on Canvas, SOLD Floating Gold, 110x100cm, Acrylic, Floating Gold, 110x100cm, Acrylic, SOLD African, 30x40", Oil on Linen, African, 30x40", Oil on Linen, SOLD Promenade, OilPromenade, Oil 100 x 100 cm, SOLD Grazer,Grazer, 30x40", Oil, SOLD Flight, OilFlight, Oil 100 x 100cm, SOLD Floating in Dry Martini, Mixed MediFloating in Dry Martini, Mixed Medi a, 30x40", SOLD Beatrice Ridley in her studioBeatrice Ridley in her studio Meredith, Oil on Canvas, 30x40"Meredith, Oil on Canvas, 30x40" Serene, 30x40", Oil on Canvas, SOLDSerene, 30x40", Oil on Canvas, SOLD Newcomer,Newcomer, 30x48", Oil, SOLD Frog Pose, 100x100cm, Acrylic on CaFrog Pose, 100x100cm, Acrylic on Ca nvas, SOLD Frog,Frog, 30x 40", Oil, SOLD Mafia,Mafia, 30x40", Oil, SOLD Crocodile Grin,Crocodile Grin, Acrylic, SOLD Rushour, Oil on Linen, 60x40"Rushour, Oil on Linen, 60x40" Ostrich Triptych,Ostrich Triptych, Mixed Media, SOLD
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