Laurence Perratzi is a figurative artist exploring the body’s expression. Her work is a reflection on movement strongly influenced by her athletic background where poise and balance are paramount. The figures challenge gravity with subtle poses or sometimes snapshot bodies in action.

In the circle series the figure is using the latter as a frame, a support or an accessory. Again, Laurence is continuously searching for movement, lightness, energy and spontaneity in contrast with static poses often represented in sculpture.

Most of Laurence’s work is bronze, in limited edition of 8.

Laurence Perratzi started to work under the tuition of various sculptors such as Hans Mark, Jean-Charles Mainardis in Paris, Jan Buckley and Hywell Pratley in London. Laurence had her first exhibition in 2003 in Paris and decided to turn “professional” in 2005 when she moved to London.

She is now exhibited in major London Fairs such as the London Art Fair, Lapada, The British Art Fair, The New Chelsea Art Fair. A majority of her work is also permanently exhibited at “La Residence”, the house of the French ambassador in London. Her last solo show was at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Laurence is also represented by Bernard Chauchet Contemporary Art Gallery and The Sculpture Company of London.

She recently has been selected as “The Artist of the Day” by the Saatchi Gallery (May 2014)



Uo and Down, BronzeUo and Down, Bronze Circled, Bronze, 53x50x22cmCircled, Bronze, 53x50x22cm Nine, Bronze, 58x28x25cmNine, Bronze, 58x28x25cm Think, Bronze, 21x22x17cmThink, Bronze, 21x22x17cm Roll on, Bronze, 35x38x12cmRoll on, Bronze, 35x38x12cm Just Checking, Bronze, 47x30x12cmJust Checking, Bronze, 47x30x12cm Easy, Bronze, 60x50x10cmEasy, Bronze, 60x50x10cm ItIt's just a pea, Bronze, 36x36x12cm Boom, Bronze, 55x50x15cmBoom, Bronze, 55x50x15cm Balance, Bornze, 53x30x12cmBalance, Bornze, 53x30x12cm Alex, Bronze, 125x30x20cmAlex, Bronze, 125x30x20cm The four Sisters, Bronze, The four Sisters, Bronze, 40x28x20cm Elle, Bronze Resin, 81x30x30cmElle, Bronze Resin, 81x30x30cm Pinarello, Bronze, 105x100x30cmPinarello, Bronze, 105x100x30cm Charlie, Bronze, 100x138x45cmCharlie, Bronze, 100x138x45cm
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