Stephanie's work is about the physicality of painting. She is excited by how she can manipulate the paint on the canvas and how one colour reacts against another. She loves scraping in and scraping off the paint, playing with lines and texture, it’s about making decisions and changes.

Coming from rural Suffolk, Stephanie was always aware of nature; it has had a profound influence on her work and can be found within the shapes and patterns. She sees plants, flowers and trees as colour and line, rather than detail in the form of leaves or petals.

Her work is gesteral. You can feel the energy from each brush stroke. Her work is not about pure representation of an object, but her own vision of the object. The way in which Stephanie applies the paint, be it the thickness or the thinness of the stroke, all contributes to how she expresses emotion about a given subject, and that is what keeps her constantly excited about painting. She takes reality and fuses it with her own concept of the world.

Stephanie studied at the University of Hertfordshire and University College Suffolk, graduating with a B A Honours Degree in Art and Design.

She has exhibited in London, throughout East Anglia, and has work in private collections in Australia and USA.

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